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  • 03Mar
  • The National Human Rights Institution joins Médiateur du Royaume "Mediator of the Kingdom Institution" on its twentieth foundation anniversary celebration


Rabat/ A delegation from the National Human Rights Institution headed by H.E. Maqsoud Kruse, participated in the international conference organised by The Mediator of the Kingdom Institution, celebrating their 20th foundation anniversary under the slogan "Ensuring developmental dimension of human rights efficacy in public policies: Role for mediators and ombudsmen" held on Tuesday, February 28 2023 at the headquarters of the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Rabat.

The international conference is part of the celebration of The Mediator of the Kingdom Institution (formerly the Board of Grievances) chaired by H.E. Mohamed Benalilou for the 20th anniversary on its foundation as an independent national institution, concerned with promoting rights, raising grievances and protecting rights between the society and governmental institutions as per their competence in terms of achieving mediation endeavors, and conciliation alongside proposing legal follow-ups. As well as, defining its role and competence, and interacting with those affected.

Within the framework of the visit, the delegation of the National Human Rights Institution visited The Mediator of the Kingdom Institution at their headquarters where the delegation was received by H.E. Mohamed Benalilou to attain the best human rights practices carried out by the institution where they had also discussed the importance of strengthening cooperation between the National Human Rights Institution and The Mediator of the Kingdom Institution, in order to exchange expertise in promoting and protecting human rights.
The delegation highlighted the importance of enhancing cooperation and exchanging insights about human rights organisations that have a substantial record of experience in the field of human rights.