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The National <br> Human Rights Institution

The National
Human Rights Institution

The NHRI is established in 2021, as an independent entity concerned with the protection and promotion of human rights in the United Arab Emirates. It has its own legal personality and enjoys financial and administrative autonomy, in the practice of its missions, activities and competencies, depending on several standards, most notably the advancement of the reality of human rights for various groups of society, and the protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms, through monitoring, observing, solving all kinds of abuses, and taking the necessary measures towards that, through settlement or referral to the competent authorities for the aim of removing all its negative effects. NHRI works are based on the Paris Principles relating to the competencies, responsibilities and independence of the National Human Rights Institutions. The Institution has actually begun to exercise its duties

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Pioneering the promotion and protection
of human rights

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Chairperson's Statement

Chairperson's Statement

The establishment of the NHRI comes as a historic event in the human rights process, spanning half a century since the founding of the United Arab Emirates on December 2, 1971 AD. This brings us to mind the size of this great national responsibility entrusted to all of us to complete this blessed human rights march, and push it forward at all levels and all occasions, in the desired manner that meets the desired human rights ambition, by laying strong and solid building blocks for the promotion and protection of human rights in the UAE society for the welfare of the next generations.

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Federal Law No. 12

Federal Law No. (12) for the year 2021 on establishing NHRI UAE will reinforce efforts to promote and protect human rights.

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The NHRI is an independent entity that enjoys financial and administrative independence in the exercise of its functions, activities, and competencies and aims to promote and protect human rights and freedoms, under the provisions of the Constitution, laws, and legislation in force in the UAE and relevant international charters, covenants and agreements.
The National Human Rights Institution was established in the year 2021, according to the Federal Law 12 of 2021, as an independent national institution operating per the “Paris Principles.”
In parallel, the presidential Decree No. 21 of 2021 was issued regarding the formation of the board members, so they carry out their duties and responsibilities guaranteed by federal law. The board members represent an elite group of experts and those concerned with human rights, according to a wide range of diversity and plurality of experiences and qualifications that contribute to strengthening the work of the NHRI, taking into account the representation of women and all relevant groups.

Article 5 of the Federal Law 12 of 2021 of the National Human Rights Institution defines a set of specialized tasks that contribute to achieving its objectives, including:
• Spreading the culture of human rights, educating members of society about it, and issuing bulletins, publications, statements, and special reports related to human rights and their activities.
• Conducting field visits to penal and correctional institutions, places of detention, labour gatherings, health and educational homes and shelters, and monitoring the human rights situation there.
• Follow-up and coordination with the competent authorities to respond to the observations received by the UAE government from international organisations in the field of human rights.
• Receiving and estimating complaints related to human rights in accordance with the approved standards, and taking the legal procedures in this regard.
• Monitoring any violations of human rights, verifying their validity, and reporting them to the competent authorities.

The NHRI works effectively and efficiently to protect and promote human rights in the United Arab Emirates, through an integrated legislative system that is compatible with local laws and international legislation, and through building effective partnerships and programs with all actors, disseminating and promoting a qualitative societal culture with human rights values and principles, receiving and addressing all complaints and suggestions to achieve the ambition of society.
The NHRI is committed as well to the highest standards of privacy in the performance of its work on human rights.

Soon, the National Human Rights Institution will make it possible to communicate with it through its various channels to benefit from its services in the field of human rights, including (e-mail, phone calls, and the communication form on the website).
The headquarters of the National Human Rights Institution is located in the capital, Abu Dhabi, and Article (II) of the Commission's law allowed the opening of branches and the establishment of offices in other emirates.

All citizens, residents and visitors in or connected to the UAE have the right to submit complaints and proposals related to human rights to the National Human Rights Institution so that the Institution considers all complaints and proposals it receives, in accordance with the legal and regulatory procedures and requirements for each of them, and it must study all complaints and proposals in terms of seriousness, credibility, safety, and alignment.
In the event of human rights violations, the services (submission of complaints) and (submission of information) will be available soon for this purpose. In the event that the violation is urgent, it is recommended to communicate with the state agencies concerned with the protection and application of law and order on phone number 999 or through the various available and relevant communication channels.
The National Human Rights Institution has a number of coordination and cooperation mechanisms with all state agencies, enabling it to view and address these complaints.


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