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Logo Symbolism

The logo consists of a set of colors and symbols that carry certain connotations, through which it is possible to identify the visual identity of the NHRI and its work and objectives.

  • NHRI


    The different earthy colors express that the Institution deals with all human beings equally without any discrimination, especially because of race, color, or national origin

  • NHRI

    The hand

    expresses the Institution in cooperation, support, and civil society participation

  • NHRI

    Book pages

    express the work of the Institution through an integrated legislative system that is in line with international legislation and its qualitative educational programs in the field of human rights

  • NHRI


    expresses verification, which is the role played by the Institution through monitoring and verifying the human rights situation in the country and issuing reports on it

  • NHRI

    The human sign

    symbolizes that the Institution’s work for the sake of humankind is not only a moral obligation and an international responsibility stemming from international human rights law, but it is a primary goal of the Institution to achieve sustainable development

Audio Files

Introducing NHRI

Maqsoud Kruse on the establishment of NHRI UAE

Outro Melody


Maqsoud Kruse

Fatima Al Kaabi

Maryam Al Ahmadi