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  • 28Aug
  • Emirati woman remains nation's pulsing heart and source of pride: NHRI

Emirati woman remains nation's pulsing heart and source of pride: NHRI

ABU DHABI, 28th August, 2022 (WAM) -- The National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) affirmed that the Emirati woman remains the pulsing heart and a source of pride of the nation and commended the remarkable achievements made by the Emirati women thanks to the unlimited support by the country's wise leadership and special care paid by H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women's Union (GWU), Chairwoman of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation (FDF), and "Mother of the Nation".

NHRI said, "Allocating 28th August of each year as a national day for Emirati Women is a recognition of Emirati women’s giving and distinction, and the culmination of their successful career and effective contributions in all walks of life, to be a source of inspiration for women, women’s and family institutions in the world."

The UAE is celebrating "Emirati Women's Day" on Sunday, which represents a national occasion to express pride in the outstanding achievements of the Emirati woman and her pivotal role as a key partner in the development of society and in shaping the future. The theme of this year's Emirati Women's Day is "Inspiring Reality ... Sustainable Future".

In statements on the occasion, members of the NHRI's Board of Trustees affirmed the vital role women could play in upholding human rights. Since its establishment, the UAE worked to grant women their full human rights, empowering them to take up leadership positions. They described the Emirati woman's achievement as a "source of pride for her and her nation".

Fatima Al Kaabi, NHRI Deputy Chairperson and Board Member, expressed thanks and appreciation of female staff at the NHRI to Sheikha Fatima for her far-sighted vision and consistent support that enabled Emirati women to deliver remarkable achievements and contributions to the nation's development journey.

She remarked that the Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, was the key advocate and proponent of women and drew the early roadmap for their empowerment. The late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan carried the torch by issuing two crucial decisions regarding the establishment of the NHRI and the formation of its Board of Trustees, with women making up 50 percent of the Board. President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan stayed the course of his predecessors by paying special attention and close care to women's development and empowerment.

She noted that a woman, as the true partner to a man, has become a role model for the nation's development and progress.

Maryam Al Ahmadi, Chairperson of the International Relations and Non-Governmental Organisations Committee and NHRI Board Member, affirmed the NHRI's commitment to promoting the bright image of Emirati women and their spectacular achievements and successes through the advancement of international efforts aimed at upholding and safeguarding human rights.

She stressed the need to develop women's skills and capacities to create a sustainable future aligned with the Principles of the 50.

Fatma Al Bedwawi, Chairperson of the Complaints, Monitoring and Field Visits Committee and NHRI Board Member, stated that a woman's occupation of leadership positions adds a civilised and honourable touch to Emirati women, considering the evidence of the development of the process of empowering women in the UAE, and reflects the transparent image of the nation's leadership that believes in women's achievements and empowerment in all fields.

"Emirati women have lived up to the challenge and responsibility through the education and knowledge they gained," she noted.

Klaithem Al Matrooshi, NHRI Board Member, affirmed that Emirati women possess all enablers to participate in decision-making and discussions regarding laws that shape the future.

''The Emirati Women's Day is a recognition and culmination of their contributions since the Union was founded,'' she added.

"The leadership's support for women's development and empowerment have opened up wide horizons for innovation, giving and dedication in the service of the nation."

Noor Al Suwaidi, NHRI Board Member, said Emirati Women's Day expresses appreciation for women's achievements and their effective role in developing their community.

She thanked Sheikha Fatima for her critical support for women's development and empowerment.

For Ameirah Al Seraidi, Chairperson of the Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Rights Committee and NHRI Board Member, the Emirati woman is fortunate because she is blessed with a country that appreciates her giving and believes in her capabilities and ambitions.

Over 50 years, the Emirati woman has registered unique achievements in various fields and has become a role model in assuming leadership positions, she added.


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