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Fatma Al Bedwawi
Fatma Al Bedwawi

Complaints, Monitoring and Field Visits Committee

Fatma Al Bedwawi

The Complaints, Monitoring, and Field Visits Committee are concerned with supervising the receipt and study of complaints, monitoring any violations or abuse of human rights, ensuring their validity, and taking the necessary action regarding them while conducting field visits to places concerned with human rights. This committee undertakes the following:


1. Participation with the competent authorities in developing a national action plan for the promotion and protection of human rights in the country, or any plans concerned with competence, and suggesting a mechanism for its implementation.

2 . Presenting suggestions, recommendations, and advice to the competent authorities in the field of complaints, monitoring, field visits, and following up.

3. Following up on achieving the objectives included in international charters, covenants, and agreements related to the field of competence in which the country is a party.

  4. Adopting standards and a mechanism for receiving and dealing with complaints and information, and working to improve them on an ongoing basis.

5. Supervising the process of receiving individual and collective complaints related to human rights, studying them, and referring them to the competent authorities in coordination with the concerned committees.

6. Supervising the process of monitoring any violations or abuse of human rights and making sure that the necessary measures are taken to ensure their validity and that they are reported to the competent authorities in coordination with the relevant committees.

7. Conduct field visits to penal and correctional institutions, places of detention, labor gatherings, health and educational homes, and shelter centers, and monitor the human rights situations in them in coordination with the relevant committees and relevant units in the NHRI. 

8. Expressing an opinion on the national reports submitted by the country to international organisations concerned with issues of competence, in coordination with the International Relations and Non-Governmental Organisations Committee.

9. Participation in local events, and regional and international forums concerned with the field of competence. 

10. Participation in the proposals of awareness programs about the complaints mechanism, monitoring, and field visits, in coordination with the Committee for the Promotion of Human Rights Culture. 

11. Contribution to the preparation of the annual report submitted by the NHRI on the human rights situation in the country.

12. Follow up and coordinate with the International Relations and Non-Governmental Organisations Committee to respond to the observations received by the country from international organisations in the field of competence.

13. Any other competencies referred to the committee by the chairperson, deputy chairperson, or board member.