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Maryam Al Ahmadi
Maryam Al Ahmadi

Maryam Al Ahmadi

Head of the International Relations and Non-Governmental Organisations Committee
Board Member

Maryam Al Ahmadi is considered one of the pioneers of civil rights work in the country. She has been a representative of civil society for more than 20 years, and one of the leaders of the civil movement, according to the concepts of partnership and complementarity to promote respect for human rights, and she is one of the most prominent competencies in the field of human rights monitoring and documentation in the region.

She was honored as the first Emirati woman to receive the "Praska" Award for Community Women in 2010, and she also won the "Sharjah Award for Voluntary Work 2015", and the "Sayidaty Award for Creativity and Excellence" in the category of social work for the year 2016.

Al Ahmadi represented civil society in international human rights events, including the Second World Forum for Human Rights in the Kingdom of Morocco "Marrakesh 2014", and she presented many oral interventions at the Human Rights Council, in addition to her extensive participation in more than 15 sessions in the Human Rights Council, and many of Universal periodic reviews, and in meetings of the International Labor Organisation, in addition to her continuous interaction with various organisations concerned with human rights, such as the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.
She has a wide array of memberships in civil society, is a founding member of many associations of public interest, and has assumed key responsibilities in many regional and international organisations concerned with human rights.

She has also held various governmental and civil positions, some of which are in direct contact with civil society and its human rights renaissance, which enabled her to be in complete harmony with all active actors in the world of human rights.

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